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I offer trainings on the following topics relevant to the needs of people with learning disabilities and learning differences.  Most trainings are about 90 minutes long, and I am happy to customize them to fit the needs of your group -- so just use the topics below as a starting point!

These overviews are designed to not be "vendor shows" -- that is, my goal is not to simply show what this or that device or program does. Rather, I start with the learning barriers that students encounter (e.g., slow reading, poor organization, difficulty writing), then couple these with generic features and approaches which address these barriers. My goal is to familiarize participants with options, clarify distinctions between products, and show how individual features reduce or work around obstacles to learning.

I work with both Macs and Windows PCs as well as iOS devices (iPads, iPhones), Android devices, and Chromebooks, so I strive to touch on applications for more than one platform that illustrate the various features.

As you can see, some of these topics make natural combinations -- for example, a longer class on AT for Reading and Writing, or one for Notetaking, Study, and Organization.  If you would like to see additional topics, please feel free to contact me with suggestions.

  • Less Struggle, More Success: Technology Tools for Learning - A basic introduction to assistive technology tools for reading, writing, critical thinking, math, notetaking, organization, time & task management, and attention
  • Assistive Technology for Reading and Comprehension
  • Assistive Technology for Writing and Composition
  • Assistive Technology for Notetaking and Study
  • Assistive Technology for Organization and Task Management
  • Assistive Technology for Math
  • Read Different! Alternatives to Printed Text - What are the options, where to get it, how to create it
  • Easy-to-Get, Easy-to-Use Learning Technologies - Tools for under $100 that take less than 30 minutes to learn
  • Everyday Technology for Learning Differences - apps, cell phones, smartpens, browser add-ons, and features built into Microsoft Word and both the Windows and Mac operating systems
  • The Myths and Realities of Speech Recognition
  • Getting Started with the Livescribe Smartpen
  • Universal Design for Learning + Assistive Technology = Reduced Barriers for All Students
  • ...and many more


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