Assistive Technology Tools for Learning Differences and Executive Function Challenges

My Assistive Technology Toolbox

I use a wide variety of technologies in my practice -- both high-tech and low-tech -- too numerous to mention here. But I'd like to list the most significant ones that I rely on, and that I include in my trainings.

Because so many software tools perform multiple functions, it's difficult to list technologies by category such as "Technologies for Reading" and "Technologies for Writing" -- certain tools would show up in several places -- so I've chosen to list them in a more eclectic manner that's still somewhat logical.

Reading, Writing, & Learning Software Suites

Software that bundles multiple supports for reading, writing, and studying.

Simple text-to-speech, text-to-MP3 applications

Listening to Recorded Audiobooks

Graphic Organizer and Mind Map Software

Outlining and mapping software to help organize writing, notes, instructions, checklists, concepts -- any information that benefits from a structure.

Portable Word Processors

Laptop alternatives for classroom use.

Speech recognition (speech-to-text)

PDF Annotation


Math Notation, Graphing & Drawing

Math Concepts

Resources for Alternatives to Printed Text, including Electronic Text (E-text)

Assorted Reading & Writing Aids

  • Visual Thesaurus - visual word map (online, Mac & PC)
  • Ginger - contextual spellchecker (online, PC)
  • Ghotit - contextual spelling/grammar checker with word prediction, other supports (Mac & PC)
  • Grammarian Pro2X - grammar and spelling checker (Mac)
  • WordQ - word prediction, word lists, abbreviation/expansion (Mac & PC)
  • SpeakQ - WordQ plus speech recognition (PC)
  • Clicker 6 - custom onscreen keyboards, talking word processor, word prediction (Mac & PC)
  • WriteOnline - word banks, talking word processor, word prediction, mind mapping (online, Mac & PC)
  • BeeLine Reader - text color gradients aid visual tracking, improve reading speed, reduce effort
  • Snap&Read Universal - text-to-speech, convert image to text, and text leveling (simplify difficult words) for Web reading

Assorted Web-Based Tools

  • Readability - reduces webpage visual clutter for distraction-free reading (online)
  • Rewordify - automatically defines, or substitutes simpler words in place on webpages
  • Assignment Calculator - break down large projects into manageable chunks (online)
  • Research Project Calculator - break down large projects into manageable chunks (online)

Mobile Computing


Other Noteworthy Tools I Use

Interactive Electronic Whiteboards and Whiteboard Capture

Alternative Access for Computer & iPad

  • Keystrokes - customizable onscreen keyboard (Mac)
  • SwitchXS - customizable switch access of computer (Mac)
  • LayoutKitchen - programs Keystrokes and SwitchXS (Mac)
  • Tecla Shield - wireless switch access of computer (Mac, PC) or tablet (iOS, Android)

Virtualization software (allows Windows to run on Macs)










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